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LIGHT UP THE LYRIC! – a historic community investment opportunity

Carrizozo Works, Inc. (CWI) is a nonprofit community and economic development organization. Our purpose is improving the quality of life, as well as the educational and financial well-being, of  the region.

The Town of Carrizozo has made economic development a high priority. In addition to adopting efforts to retain and improve the health of existing businesses, it also includes the recruitment of new retail businesses to serve a growing population. Attracting light industrial, manufacturing and other employment opportunities for its existing and future citizenry is another of the economic goals of the Town.

To these ends, Carrizozo Works, Inc. (CWI) has been charged by the Town to ensure that recruitment efforts are in line with the cultural and deeply felt emotional values of the community, and to offer potential business investors as much assistance through the development process as possible.

Opportunities abound in Carrizozo and Lincoln County; whether you are a business person, a visitor or a local resident, we have something to offer for everyone.

Contact us today about opportunities in Carrizozo by calling 575-648-8500 or email for more information.