Carrizozo Artists

Carrizozo Artists


Carrizozo has become a quirky arts community where artists choose to live. The beautiful high desert surroundings, fabulous light, inexpensive real estate and friendly people have attracted more and more artists to settle down here. Carrizozo has many innovative, creative, skilled artists working in diverse mediums and sending their art all over the country. There is a sense of artistic freedom, support and cooperation in this friendly community.

Among the galleries are:

HEART OF THE RAVEN — featuring a gallery with raku pottery and paintings as well as workshop space and firing facilities.

MoMAZoZo  — 214 Birch Street


MoMAZoZo is a community arts organization founded by woodworker Mike Lagg and artist Paula Wilson in 2010. MoMAZoZo is open every Friday from 12-1pm. MoMAZoZo grants open access to their equipment, supplies, and expertise during this hour. They also engage in spontaneous creative activities for all ages.

GALLERY 408  — a contemporary art gallery featuring the works of over 25 artists, many of whom reside in or around Lincoln County. It includes an outdoor sculpture garden displaying large art works and painted burros.

TULAROSA BASIN PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY — located in the historic Lutz building, exhibits the photography of over 35 New Mexico artists, with many of the photographs taken in New Mexico. Located on the second floor are 15 artist studios, centered around a common salon.

THE 54 EMPORIUM — on Central Avenue, is an eclectic mix of vintage ware, art by Lincoln County artists,  ‘Soul of the West,’ featuring boots and western wear, and charming upcycled art by owner Sheila Lynch.


ARTISTS living and working in Carrizozo

     Polly E. Chavez – retablos (Spanish colonial art)


‘Santos’ is a Spanish Colonial art form, which originated in early New Mexico. Santos include retablos (religious icons on wood), bultos (wooden statues) and reredos (alter pieces).

A santero or santera is a person who creates this Spanish colonial art.

Chavez, age 75, is a lifelong resident of Carrizozo in Lincoln County and New Mexico. Her ancestors can be traced to the travels of the conquistadors who explored and settled in New  Mexico. Her work can be found in Carrizozo’s Gallery 408 and the Lincoln Historic Site in Lincoln. NM. She has shown her work in galleries, museums, and libraries. Chavez retired as art instructor at Carrizozo Public Schools and has a weekly column “Historical Potpourri” in The Ruidoso News. Contact info:

marc cohen Marc Cohen – 3-D box art sculpture, Dreamspace






Julia Danielle – videography, Dreamspace

suzanne donazettiSuzanne Donazetti
painted woven copper

        Denise Dorn – batik, pottery


rick geary 2

Rick Geary  cartoonist, illustrator

Deborah Geary – diorama collage

Mike Gieb, Shelby Hyatt, Cherie Holmes, Liz Nowotny – jewelry, pottery, crochet

Susan Goewey – handwoven, handspun tapestries, painting
susan goewey

Scott Goewey – clay

ivy heymann

Ivy Heymann
clay, White Oaks Pottery

Pia Imas
sculpture, painting

pia imas



Thom Kerr – china painting, upcycled art

coe kitten

Coe Kitten
medicine art

Mike Lagg – woodworker, MoMAZoZo

Sheila Lynch – folk art, Highway 54 Emporium

James Mack 

James paints with acrylic paint on unprimed canvas and paper.  He is now painting with watercolors on paper.

In his prime time he worked on large canvases – the largest a diptych  12’ x 14’.

He has paintings in large collections.

He is a 91 year old World War II veteran.

jim mack

“With luminous color I try to find the right balance and dissonance to create paintings that express hope and joy.

I often arrive at my images through improvisational methods.

My indirect reference to nature (meant to be sensed rather than perceived) in the more abstract pieces suggests landscapes

that transcend specifics and tend toward the universal.

My own spontaneous gestures and flowing of paint itself indicate the direction the painting will take.”
1002 B Ave.
P.O. Box 926
Carrizozo, NM 88301

Joan Malkerson  – painting, mixed media, sculpture, Gallery 408joan malkerson

Lisa Maue – tile


Patti Payne – glass art

Ken Payne – photographer


judy pekalsma

Judy Pekelsma
clay, Heart of the Raven

Paul Peretti – painter

Tom Picard – custom furniture

Chuck Riley

bonnie soley

Bonnie Soley

douglasstanton_SqureAbstraction_no9Douglas Stanton – painter, 575-648-3204


“My paintings are created by a set process. I use square stencils to apply black and white paint to create an energized base for the final painting. The squares are placed randomly and a different angles to get an abstract composition. After that step I drip paint over parts of the canvas to “knit’ the final image together. The viewer is left to interpret the paintings, to find their own meaning in each piece.”

Paula Wilson – painter, MoMAZozo