Carrizozo Industrial Park

Located on a broad plateau at the intersection of U.S. Highway 380 and 54, the Carrizozo Industrial Park offers practical, dollars-and-cents advantages, in a friendly, picturesque setting. This village-owned park, directly adjacent to the Carrizozo Municipal Airport, provides convenient access by air, ground, and rail transportation. Infrastructure and paved roads are already in place…just one example of how Carrizozo’s progressive community leaders are stiving for orderly, well-planned growth. All of the right ingredients are here…a variety of improved parcels ready for development…a growing population that’s ready and willing to work…a site framed by a panoramic view of the mountains…and recreational opportunities just 30 minutes away.

Carrizozo provides exceptional opportunity for businesses because of its rail, highway, and air transportation connections, inexpensive land, adequate municipal water, sewer, natural gas and electricity and excellent communication capabilities.

Competitive Advantage

Carrizozo offers opportunity to small retail and manufacturing business along with home or cottage industries. Some of the resources are inexpensive real estate, adequate municipal water supply, new liquid waste facility, consistent, reasonably priced electrical power, excellent communication with DSL Broadband at 1.5Mb/768Kb residential and T-1 available for commercial.

The Carrizozo Industrial Park is situated on 42 acres adjacent to the airport and can be divided into parcels to fit the user. Target industries are small light manufacturing, cottage industries, and technology related businesses, particularly those related to solar and wind energy.

Doing Business in New Mexico

The State of New Mexico offers six months of in-plant training for workforce development. Eastern New Mexico University at Ruidoso has general classes for various training needs and will customize classes for specific company/industry needs. Carrizozo High School has industrial arts including welding, meat processing, and woodworking.

Several options for financing are provided as well as investment tax credit against Gross Receipts Tax for installation of machinery used in manufacturing, and possible waivers for real estate tax.

For more detailed information on the Carrizozo Industrial Park, download the Carrizozo Industrial Park report [PDF, 3 MB].

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