Community Business Plan

The Two Year Community Business Plan includes near term tasks to establish the basic infrastructure and processes for the Town’s new economic development initiatives and then long term tasks to begin building and expanding the economic base of Carrizozo. The tasks are all focused on achieving goals and objectives identified as critical to the continued development of the community with education being chosen as the primary vehicle to encourage economic development. The details of the complete plan are available online as a PDF (CWI Two Year Community Business Plan, 1.4 MB).

Community Goals

  • Study, preserve and protect natural resources (water).
  • Continue to improve schools and promote life-long education
  • Explore ways to create new jobs
  • Build an integrated capital base
  • Promote and expand existing businesses
  • Adopt a plan to attract retail business and professional services
  • Ensure adequate, affordable housing
  • Promote cultural tourism
  • Encourage and reward historic preservation
  • Expand and maintain affordable medical services
  • Celebrate our cultural diversity and promote traditional values
  • Provide a safe, healthy environment for all who live in or visit Carrizozo
  • Improve communications between citizens and local government