Fast Track Development Incentives


The purpose of the Fast Track is to provide business investors with a team of experts and other knowledgeable individuals that can help them work through the local issues and opportunities involved in settling into a new and unfamiliar community.

Rapid Response Team

The approach of the Fast Track Development Process is to identify a pool of experts and other individuals knowledgeable in all the areas that can come into play in any development situation. In a given case, a Rapid Response Team (RRT) can be assembled from this pool, individuals chosen for their expertise with the challenges at hand. The team will change as the issues confronted change, from site selection through financing operations, permits and license, recruiting and hiring employees to initial operations and community relations.

A critical component of this RRT will be a single team leader or point of contact for the business. This person will have access to the larger pool of experts and other resources of CWI and will work with the representative of the business and the organization as well as the Town governing body, as needed. Essentially this person will act as a kind of case manager to assist the business in working through the local development process.  The RRT will provide assistance in key activities that include:

  • Providing facts and advice on issues and factors that drive the investment decision.
  • Identification of site locations
  • Identification of funding sources and incentives for economic development
  • Applications for licenses, permits, zoning variances or conditional use

Resource Identification

The first step in this process will be the creation of the Assistance Pool. The core members of the Pool will be the existing members of CWI. They will, in turn, seek out other members of the community with the necessary expertise needed for the larger group. Individuals will be recruited for the Pool with the understanding that they are volunteering their assistance and expertise, when called upon, to respond to a business recruitment opportunity. A vital part of that commitment is an awareness of, and respect for, issues of confidentiality and potential conflicts of interest. For this reason there may be a need for multiple individuals available to cover particular areas.

RRT Creation

Whenever CWI is made aware of a potential development opportunity, the Core Team will be convened and a decision made on the creation of an RRT. The key factors in making this determination are the potential of the opportunity and the immediacy of need for response. If the needs presented can be addressed with normal operating procedures, an RRT effort may not be required. If an RRT is created, the Executive Director or member of the Board of Directors will introduce the RRT Team leader and assigned members to the candidate busi- ness.

Initial Assessment

The RRT Leader will establish a working relationship with the candidate beginning with procedures for communication and develop a baseline of the current development status and future needs.

Ongoing Management

The team leader will have the authority to add or delete members of the RRT, based on the initial assessment of the situation and lessons learned that could apply to future efforts and projected needs. Those development initiatives that involve working directly with the Town Government or other ED entities (i.e., Industrial Park or accessing local revolving ED loan funds) will be led by the Executive Director of CWI in consultation with and with the support of the RRT leader.


The team leader will report to the Board of Directors of CWI each month on the status of the development effort and any special needs or potential situations which may require the intervention of the larger organization. He/she will keep in more frequent communication with the Executive Director as the activity of the team requires. The team leader will prepare a short exit report at the completion or cancellation of the RRT efforts.