Land and Building Inventory

Carrizozo Works has developed a database containing every property zoned commercial in town whether for sale, rent or neither; occupied or vacant.

Valle de Sol is a recently developed subdivision in Carrizozo comprising some 3000 acres. Ultimately it will house around 3000 people, quadrupling the present population of Carrizozo. It has a commercial district that is approximately a mile from the intersection of Highways 380 and 54. Some of the commercial enterprises are being courted by the developer—others are available. One particular enterprise being sought is a truck stop/truck wash facility on Hwy 380 across from the golf course.

Maps of the entire subdivision and the commercial district are available in the PDF below. More information is available from the development office—888-351-5263 or 648-2712.

The PDF linked here provides maps and descriptions of properties in and around Carrizozo.

CWI Land and Building Inventory (pdf, 3.1MB)